PRESS RELEASE ATTN #podcast #radio #youtuber #scifi shows: Sci-fi author Ellie Maloney will be viewing two world premiere films #BlackPanther Feb15 & #ShapeofWater Feb22. If you need a contributor for your panel discussion contact here. #moviereview #interview #filmreview #pundit #pressrelease

Special attention to the book reviewers!  If you have read and reviewed recent (defined loosely) novels that blew  your socks off and you are really passionate about them, you can publish a review in the Scaffolding magazine! Send your proposals to the email with the links or attachments of your reviews. Note: the review […]

I’ve been reading a few recent Sci Fi novels, of which I will tell in a separate post shortly, and became so inspired by the sheer creativity of humans. This may not be the most profound thought, but sometimes miracles are in a plain sight. It occurred to me, that the Sci Fi writers are […]