Great Resource To Improve Your Fight Scenes


I’d like to share a great resource on writing fight scenes. I have a few fight scenes in the “Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula” series, and to say that I am unimpressed with them is an  understatement. However, excluding them would kill the genre. It’s the story about two captive soldiers. Fights are bound to happen. Anyway, I looked over a few reasonably priced kindle additions, many of which ended up not good at all. This one, however, has tons of great ideas in a format of notes (no intellectual fluff). It is practical, well structured (you can skip how much you want). Since English is not my first language, I found a lot of cool verbs and nouns in it. Plus, the author has good knowledge of quite a few fighting techniques (at least well enough to write about it). As the result, I can’t wait to go back and rewrite some pieces. Isn’t this the most to be expected from a book of such kind? Check it out, it’s around $5. Good value for the money.


  1. As a martial artist I have always loved writing fight scenes. The trick is to be accurate while making it feel like it is only taking as much time as a real fight would take, which is usually less than a minute, unless you are talking about a full-fledged battle.

    1. good tip! part of my problem is that English is not my first language, and while my vocabulary is substantial in many technical areas, fighting and movement is somehow not one of those. I need to learn more words 🙂

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