“Looperman Knots” is a hilarious and witty sci fi short story by a well-established writer and illustrator Mark Fearing. This story is exclusively published in the first issue of the Scaffolding Magazine. Get your copy here http://www.blurb.com/b/7820983-scaffo…

Scaffolding is a literary and art magazine that strives to publish diverse and unique voices. We match visual artists and writers to create a unique reader experience. We also feature editorials about diversity, social issues, popular culture etc. Our mission is to become a vehicle for up-and-coming artists to be discovered and express their unique message.


We thank everyone who submitted material to the first issue of the Scaffolding magazine. Currently the submissions to the first issue, scheduled for December 2016, are closed, however we are accepting submissions to the next issue, scheduled for March 2017. The deadline is January 5, 2017. To submit, use the submission page. Regarding the status […]