#Free #BookAds in the Magazine! Apply Now @ScaffoldingMag web-site!


#Free #BookAds in the Magazine! Apply Now @ScaffoldingMag web-site!

As you know, in December the first issue of the Scaffolding Magazine will see the world. The file of the magazine is almost assembled. I have a few small vacant areas, just big enough for a picture of a book cover and it’s 50-word description. So I thought why not support my indie friends here! I know many of you, and I know about your books, but I don’t have time to write short descriptions of your books and hunt down the book covers. So, please feel free to apply on the submissions page (pick the ‘other’ as the type of submission), and I will stick as many ads as I can. Please send them over ASAP, it’s first come first served. But no later than November 1.  I am sending it to print in November.



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