Recently I posted about my issues with writing productivity when I write outside of the WordPress environment. Initially I thought that I get energized from the feedback I receive when I post my writing, but as  Candace Vianna suggested in her comments that it might be my attachment to the simplified WordPress environment that helps minimizing […]

Hi everyone! How have you all been? I haven’t written anything for some time. I blame it on the trip to the New York: it messed with my compulsive blogging skills. However, I am currently editing the “Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula”, the 1st season, that’s why I temporarily took it off line. I have […]

Not sure if anyone noticed, but I was behind on my self-imposed deadline for the Episode 9 of the “Million Deaths of Lt. Mazula”, which I finally published tonight. I had a serious reason. First, food poisoning; second, this amazing heaven-like Liberian resort. Everyone knows that my Liberian temporary residence was a hardship post for […]