In her previous life, Ellie was a lawyer specializing in human rights. Now she writes fiction, consumes massive amounts of late night comedy and politics, collects typewriters, and lives all over the world with her spouse and a 5-yo Newfoundland dog. She lived, worked, and studied in such countries as Kosovo, Ukraine, Liberia, Albania, and the United States.

This picture sums up a lot about me, except my office is often a lot messier, because I paint, sculpt from clay, sketch, draw, build cardboard spaceship models and who knows what else. My husband once said: “You live in a fantasy world, and it’s a happy place.” Could not agree more.

On science and me: “Erotic Love Letter to Science“.

On writer’s block (procrastination) and me: “Things I do to Avoid Writing: Reminiscing on a Year of Procrastination“.



    1. Hi, I know I’m behind on awards. It’s just that when you gave them to me I was on a vacation. Thanks for awarding me! I’ll post my awards shortly.

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