This picture sums up a lot about me, except my office is often a lot messier, because I paint, sculpt from clay, sketch, draw, build cardboard spaceship models and who knows what else. My husband once said: “You live in a fantasy world, and it’s a happy place.” Could not agree more.

Ellie Maloney is a writer and a lawyer (in no particular order).

This website features short stories, novels, editorials, book and movie reviews, and more.

All rights reserved 2016 (c) Ellie Maloney. All the artwork (sketches, paintings, photography, graphic design) is property of and created by (c) Ellie Maloney, unless stated otherwise. No part of this blog can be reprinted, published or otherwise used without the reference to the source of origin.

  • What  I mean by that, please share my posts, I’d like that, just make sure to include the link to my page so that others can read it as well. I appreciate your time! Sincerely, E.M.

You found a typo, two or three in my post. What should you do?

On science and me: “Erotic Love Letter to Science“.

On writer’s block (procrastination) and me: “Things I do to Avoid Writing: Reminiscing on a Year of Procrastination“.

Who Is This Ellie Maloney Anyway?

I used to be much older then, I’m younger then that now. – Bob Dylan

I became a professional early in life. At age 17 I started working as a clerk in a small prosecution office. I became ‘old and wise’ early, talking the talk, walking the walk of small-time legal bureaucrats. While doing that day job, within about 7 years, I earned a Bachelor’s in Economics and a Master’s in Law. I moved on to different professional jobs, thinking I was done with education. However, shortly I applied for a competitive scholarship in the U.S. and, to my own huge surprise, I won it. This brought me to the United States (ways away from my home country!), where I breezed through the Master’s in Public Administration.

I obtained my third professional degree at age 27. Too fast, too soon, too furious. I did not realize that these supersonic speeds took a toll on me. Periodically I escaped to Michaels and Lowes as if those were the holy dwelling places of magic. Everything there excited me: builder’s tools, oil paints, knitting yarn, anything that could be crafted and molded, painted and created, was there for me to explore. I used to paint before, but it seems that the Appalachian Mountains uncovered a spring well of inspiration in me.

Fast forward about 2-3 years, and I am writing science fiction on a fairly regular basis while taking my professional career in new directions. 2015 was a great year for me professionally. I was commissioned three manuals on gender and diversity for public service employees in Moldova and Afghanistan. I wrote content, illustrated the manuals, delivered follow-up training. With all of that going on, I managed to write drafts of my 2 Sci Fi novels: “Dark Matter Rises” and “The Day I Died“, two parts in the 5-book series that popped up in my head one morning, all of it altogether, like some divine info dump, and the only thing I have to do now is to make it a fun read. I am planning to share parts (or even all of it) on this web site sometime soon.

Looking back, I suspect that I always was a writer: when being a lawyer, a grad student, a public service employer, and now an independent gender and law consultant. The difference is that ‘I used to be much older then; I’m younger then that now‘. (Thank you, Bob, It’s a great line!)



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