My Interview On the Pop Roxx Radio! Plus New Songs from Mister Falcon!

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Hi there! I took a long break from blogging. Now I have so many news that I don’t know where to start. So I’ll start from the most recent one. I am excited to finally release ‘329 Years Awake’ on October 8, 2017. This book started on this blog and your comments and encouragement took me through the first rough draft. Thank you for putting up with my stories. Also I’ve been invited to the Pop Roxx Radio where I had a great chat with an artist and the show host Jamie Roxx. Take a listen!

This radio appearance was also a debut air of Mister Falcon and his debut album “Music in Space-Time”, which is now on iTunes, Amazon and other music platforms. Mister Falcon and I have a great partnership. His album will be used in the audio book version of 329 Years Awake. Also he wrote a special song for the book, which is also titled 329 Years Awake. The album is very ‘sci fi’, which is so perfect for my book.

Thanks for stoping by! Looking forward to share more news with you soon!

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Press Release

Book Launch Event for “329 Years Awake” by Ellie Maloney.

Available for speaking engagements and guest posts.  

Entire month of September – Skype pre-launch events.

October 8 – Chicago, IL., Music Box Theater. Shortcut 100 Film Festival.

October 9-13, 2017 – Chicago, IL. launch events. Ellie is available in person.

October 20 – November 30, 2016 – Skype post-launch events.

…it was a bloody ballet in a cold war theatre…

Ellie Maloney’s literary debut “329 Years Awake” is a dazzling and intellectually stimulating science fiction novel available in print on October 8, 2017.

While living an expat life in Liberia, Ellie witnessed the poverty and hopelessness of many African countries, and their continuing marginalization by the powerful world economies. She was inspired to write a different story, which would bring fictional retributive justice to Liberia. Ellie hypothesized what would happen if the climate changed due to a man-made disaster covered most of the Earth in ice. In 329 Years Awake, this cataclysmic event led to a change in the world order. Only inhabitants of near-equatorial zones remained living on Earth, while the rest of humanity was scattered throughout orbital stations and nearby planets. Read More

Caffeine & Protein


This is how my day starts. Strong, black coffee, so bitter that my tongue goes numb. Sweet, too sweet to drink, chocolate protein shake. No smokes. No sex. No meaningful conversations. Low point.

Then the gym. Hyping myself into a frenzy for just only one hour. During that hour, I go through a mental routine to get myself ready, to be able to accomplish way more than my weak body is capable of. To break my muscles, to break my will. My skin tingles, adrenalin surges, I lift, I run, I accomplish. High point.

Then I try singing. My voice screeches, I am off-key, but I am still high on the workout fumes, so I don’t know it. I create terrible music. I write terrible chapters. I put on awful makeup. In my head, I soar, but it doesn’t last very long. I get hungry. Low on sugar, I get really down, I get weak, I barely move, but I don’t remember to eat in time. If only I did, I’d stay leveled. But here comes the low point.

Then the nights. Meaningless. Quick. Too quick to rest or to love. Too bland. I must sleep to be able to hype myself next morning, and I hate sleeping because at night I miss all the good words that end up never written. I miss all the meaningful conversations with all the people I care about. And hence I go on, unattached, unaware, unembraced, unaccomplished. I blame it on the night. Another low point.

If I could place my low and high points on a chart, I’d get a wave function, cyclical, rhythmical, musical. My life is a sound in a D minor, that to a stranger sounds beautiful.

by EM 


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How Low Can I Fall

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Listen to Original Cover of “Chandeleir” by @Prince_Sean ft @EllieMaloney5 on #Smule

If I could get out of my head…

If I could, I’d walk away

I’d walk along the railway

I’d miss my train

On purpose…

I wouldn’t be afraid

Of cold and rain

I’d soak my skin and wear thin

My shoes and clothes.

I’d hunger. On purpose.

I’d look old and mean,

I’d let them spit on me

And I’d forget to breathe

On purpose.

by Ellie Maloney



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Brilliant #Voiceover of ‘329 Years Awake’ #Scifi [Teaser], & My Newsletter on #MagCloud

What’s new? My Newsletter Magazine is available on MagCloud for purchase, in print and in digital form. Plus, a real treat: a small snippet of the audio recording from the ‘329 Years Awake’ voiced by Jonathan Zeiger! This audio book will be voiced by multiple voice authors and here’s how Jonathan sounds. Isn’t he just adorable? Follow Jonathan on Twitter @VoiceofJonathan and check his website

Previously another talented actor Chris Love voiced a character of Otis Solarin for this trailer!

If you liked the trailers and want to know more, subscribe to my email list and get the ARC of “329 Years Awake” for free!

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Riveting Sci Fi Comedy by Mark Fearing in the Scaffolding Magazine – Video!

Did you like the trailer? Comment below!

Get your luxurious hardcopy on! Also, there will be a flash giveaway of the digital copy to those who subscribed to the Newsletter by April 1, 2017 (not a joke!)

Stay tuned for more Scaffolding news, and don’t forget, #amScaffolding!





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1st Issue of the Scaffolding Magazine in Print! @ScaffoldingMag #scifi #startup #indieauthor

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Super exciting news! Scaffolding Magazine is in print now! You can buy a hardcopy on today!

Scaffolding is a literary and art magazine that strives to publishing diverse and unique voices. We match visual artists and writers to create a unique reader experience. We also feature editorials about diversity, social issues, popular culture etc. Our mission is to become a vehicle for discoverability of up-and-coming artists.

The first issue is packed with content! On the 80 pages you will find short fiction, editorials, humor, and lots of exciting personalities from around the world! So far we offer only a print version, but shortly we will release a digital and audio versions as well.

Check out also one of the contributors to the first issue – author of Blood Dragons and Blood Shackles Rosemary A. Johns. Scaffolding Magazine interviewed Rosemary about her writing, diversity and inclusion in fiction, and lots of personal revelations from the author.

Here is the trailer to the interview:

Here is the Part 1 of the full interview:

Part 2 of this exciting interview will be posted shortly, subscribe to the youtube channel.

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Screen Shot 2017-03-19 at 8.04.42 PM

I hope you are intrigued! Please comment below and spread the news. Some of you may remember that I have started this initiative in August of last year, and finally the magazine came to fruition. I honestly did not anticipate the amount of work it will take for producing a magazine. I mean, I knew it will be a challenge. But I did not realize that my own life will be getting in my way all the time. But enough excuses. From now on, we will be working on the quarterly schedule. Check out our submissions page if you are interested in contributing to the next issue. There is no specific deadline, we accept submissions all year round. Just follow the simple submission guidelines. Also, I encourage you to subscribe to the newsletter on the web site to receive prompt updates and submission calls.

Friends, I encourage you to support this initiative and buy the magazine because the mission of the magazine is to help up-and-coming authors and artists to be discovered. We offer 60% of net profits to the contributors, and in the future we are committed to pay upfront as well. For that we need to have a successful launch and show some promise.

I would greatly appreciate your comments about the magazine and your ideas how to improve it. Please keep in mind that this preview is optimized for print and may not be the  best for digital devices, however, in print it looks fantastic.

Live long and prosper!


Ellie Maloney & the Scaffolding Magazine

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