Overall Jalapeño Score: 9/10 (4.5/5) Plot summary What would happen if you were an 18-year old teenage girl living in a loving, but truly dysfunctional family? What if your father adventurously invested all the family assets, including your college fund, and, obviously blew all of it? What if you still want to go to a […]

Viola van de Sandt’s favorite novels are those from the nineteenth and early-twentieth century. Some of her most cherished literature pieces are: The House of Mirth, by Edith Wharton; If nobody speaks of remarkable things, by Jon McGregor; Close to the Knives, by David Wojnarowicz; Bleak House and David Copperfield, by Charles Dickens; the Inspector […]

Hi everyone! I am back to the #Blogbattle, with a short story that I’ve written about 3 years ago, because Inspiration is a witch, folks, and however I tried, I did not come up with anything original.  So here it is:  Genre: sci fi, prompt word: tea.  Hope you like it! The rules to the #blogbattle competition […]

Hi there! I am following several you tubers, whose life stories I am interested in. Often writers look for inspiration, and I realized that these public figures are an incredible source of storylines. Here’s my selection of the most raw and memorable videos I’ve come across. I’m HIV+ (48hrs After Finding Out).  I am new […]

Thousands of science fiction fanciers anticipate August 20, 2016 more than Christmas and Birthday altogether. This is the date when the Hugo Awards will be selected from the shortlisted candidates. From over 4000 submissions this year, only 85 survived the initial voting (that’s five per each of the 17 categories). We all know Hugo Awards. […]

Folks, this started as a joke on Facebook two days ago. I posted a picture of a Sci Fi character from a TV series Stargate SG 1 in a group of sci fi lovers.  It gathered an impressive number of ‘likes’ by that group’s standards. The picture also generated spin-offs: The most interesting part is […]