More Drawings With the iPad! Ebony River. Concept Art.

I had a long fliht from New York, and the most enjoyable thing I could think of is developing a visual idea of what Ebony River might look like. I noticed some distinct differences between literary and visual character development. First of all, the charachter must have distinct qualities and be consistent and immediately recognizable on every image. When I wrote about Ebony, I described her having braided hair and purple eyes. On paper that sounded distinctive. However, when I started drawing, purple eyes turned to be difficult to depict and still be noticeable. I am thinking about purple braided hair now. Overall, it’s an exciting process. I am looking into developing comics based on the Ebony River’s diary. What do you think about the visualization of Ebony’s charachter and about the drawings? I should mention that the backgrounds are irrelevant, I concentrated on the look of the charachter. 


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