Free Short Story ‘TSUNAMI’ Sci Fi Alien Fiction


“Have you ever had a recurring dream? Mine is always about a tsunami.” This alien sci  fi story explains the origins of humanity. This is the prequel to the Mazula story that was featured my blog earlier. Read the entire short story for free on ISSUU – it is uploaded in the format  of a glossy magazine. Just go over the link and read the story.  Enjoy!


  1. Interesting “origin of life on Earth” story, particularly the climax indicating an exceptionally long running experiment. I especially liked the bit about Carl Jung, but then again, I do have a BA in Psychology.

    At the risk of spamming you, I also wrote a “origin of life” story, also involving extraterrestrial “assistance,” but from a very different direction. It’s called The Last Flight of the Cynnabar Breen.

    I had originally written the story as a standalone, but became so interested in the protagonist Camdon Rod, that I continued developing a series of short stories about him and his (mis)adventures.

    Let me know what you think, Ellie. Thanks.

    1. I’ll read it in a bit. Meanwhile, have you thought of submitting stuff for the second issue? The deadline is Jan 5 but if I gave more time to find good illustrations it will be better.

      1. That’s a good thought. Been busy with my day job and real life so I’ve only been dabbling in short stories on my blog. I’ll need to concentrate on something for you. Are the submission requirements still the same including the theme?

  2. Like it. Works well as a mini-prequel to your imminent novel 🙂
    (Although trying to read it in that ISSUU format was a bit of a faff on my laptop!)

      1. The text was too small to read without zooming in , which made scrolling up and down the columns (with a touch pad instead of a proper mouse) a bit of a pain.

          1. Yeah, if it’s a tool to be able to read magazine style stuff on a PC then you have to consider the clash of formats – portrait pages vs widescreens.

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