Jeroen’s Diary Is Out! Like #DaVinciCode & #XFiles. #scifi #VoynichManuscript

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Hi there! I finished the sequel to TSUNAMI. If you are a subscriber, you should receive the email. If you want to get it, please subscribe to the ARC here – a subscription box at the top.

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Jeroen’s Diary is a historic fiction that advances the plot of TSUNAMI, but it is somewhat different. The best I can describe it, it’s a cross between the Da Vinci code by Dan Brown (because of the historic facts and mysteries) and the X-Files (because of the alien conspiracies). I am very excited about it because this is my first shot at historic speculative fiction and I can’t wait to hear what you think about it.

The Voynich Manuscript – many tried to decode it, all failed. 

Plus, if you ever wondered about the mysterious Voynich Manuscript, Jeroen’s Diary offers an answer!

#davincicode #xfiles #scifi


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