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Book Launch Event for “329 Years Awake” by Ellie Maloney.

Available for speaking engagements and guest posts.  

Entire month of September – Skype pre-launch events.

October 8 – Chicago, IL., Music Box Theater. Shortcut 100 Film Festival.

October 9-13, 2017 – Chicago, IL. launch events. Ellie is available in person.

October 20 – November 30, 2016 – Skype post-launch events.

…it was a bloody ballet in a cold war theatre…

Ellie Maloney’s literary debut “329 Years Awake” is a dazzling and intellectually stimulating science fiction novel available in print on October 8, 2017.

While living an expat life in Liberia, Ellie witnessed the poverty and hopelessness of many African countries, and their continuing marginalization by the powerful world economies. She was inspired to write a different story, which would bring fictional retributive justice to Liberia. Ellie hypothesized what would happen if the climate changed due to a man-made disaster covered most of the Earth in ice. In 329 Years Awake, this cataclysmic event led to a change in the world order. Only inhabitants of near-equatorial zones remained living on Earth, while the rest of humanity was scattered throughout orbital stations and nearby planets.

Unlike many fiction works, 329 Years Awake has deep roots in real historic mysteries. Like the cult classic show the X-Files, 329 Years Awake portrays a web of conspiracies inside human and alien governments. Understanding the motives and fears of the aliens, the reader realizes that humans and aliens may not be that different after all, and that we are simply looking for a place under our respective suns.

In the novel, the Unkari played a profound role in rise and fall of human civilizations, treating the Earth as a research project while remaining in the shadows. Only the most observant earthlings noticed clues of an alien presence. Those curious minds were silenced by the aliens, the human governments, or simply deemed as lunatics. Between the two species, it was a bloody ballet in a cold war theatre.

What do the humans want from the aliens? Technology, power, strategic advantage. DARPA and NASA sang an ultimate ode to those motives, harvesting alien tech from the alien crash sites catapulting the United States to the top of the Earth’s food chain.

What do the aliens want from humans? Something that they are lacking, what scares them more than anything, and what is more powerful than any manufactured technology: human consciousness. Millions of years ago, the Unkari discovered the species capable of changing reality on a quantum level, accessing the basic fabric of space-time through their consciousness. This ability was known as oscillation. Realizing this ultimate weapon, the Unkari destroyed the species, but preserved some DNA for research. As time passed, the ‘human question’ became a point of irreconcilable differences between the alien factions. Some advocated to destroy all the DNA as a biological hazard, others advocated to study and utilize it. After all, this might be their last chance to save their own dying world.

What  We Offer:

Ellie is looking forward to talk to your audience, over audio-video interview, in person, or in print. She offers a personal interview and/or a series of pop culture topics derived from the premises of her book.

Podcast or Guest Article Topics:

If you are interested, please request a detailed outline or an article on any of these topics.

  1. The mystery of the Voynich Manuscript. A story beyond the Da Vinci Code and the X-Files.
  2. Tokugawa Shogunate: The ‘real’ reason for the Japanese isolation period.
  3. Quantum Consciousness Theory according to Roger Penrose and sci-fi novel “329 Years Awake”. Are we capable of more than we know?
  4. JFK conspiracies you have not heard yet! Watch out for the alien DNA!
  5. A man who saved the world: truth and fiction behind the story of the soviet nuclear submarines.

Discussion Topics:

You can include Ellie in your panel to contribute on these topics. You can also ask anything around these topics.

  1. Science Fiction and diversity: LGBTQ mainstreaming, non-Caucasian protagonists.
  2. Writing your first speculative fiction / science fiction novel: lessons learned.
  3. Environmental messages in “329 Years Awake”.
  4. Commentary on the politics of ‘the other’ in “329 Years Awake” as a metaphor for bi-partisanship and anti-globalism.   
  5. Liberia: poverty, exploitation, girls and education.
  6. Kosovo: homeless dogs and animal maltreatment crisis.
  7. Muslims I know: living and working with Afghanistan, Albania, Liberia, and Kosovo and experiencing Muslims as majority and minority cultures.

Comprehensive Media Kit:

Available per request. You will get an access to a wealth of updated information about Ellie and her book that will help you to prepare your show or article. In this media kit you will find Ellie’s professional photos, promotional material for “329 Years Awake”, including video trailers, first chapter of the audio book, tentative Q&A and interview prompts etc.

Press Contact:

Ellie Maloney

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About “329 Years Awake”

intervene-sm-2_1Paperback 400 p. E-Book 80.000 words

Genres: science fiction, speculative fiction

ISBN (paperback) 978-0-9983614-1-3 ISBN (e-book) 978-0-9983614-2-0

Key aspects: diverse characters (cultures, races, LGBTQ), retelling of the history like in the Da Vinci Code, alien and government conspiracies like in the X-Files.  

When humanity is an alien experiment, and evolution leads to death, Earth’s only hope is in the hands of a historian and two soldiers, separated by space and time.

Humans have a powerful gift: a genetic ability to alter reality, but they know nothing about it. As humans grow capable to oscillate, the Unkari plot on harvesting this ability. Meanwhile, humans are gearing up for war with a mysterious enemy.

Otis Solarin, a Liberian professor of Space History, was one of the few who discovered his ability to oscillate. That knowledge he obtained with an ultimate sacrifice. Three hundred years later, the destiny of humanity is in the hands of the two soldiers, captured by the Unkari during a failed military operation. Lt. Desiree Mazula and En. Ebony River are the last hope for the Earth Nations to survive the war.

About Ellie Maloney


In her previous life, Ellie was a lawyer specializing in gender equality and human rights. Now she writes fiction, consumes massive amounts of late night comedy and politics, collects typewriters, and lives all over the world with her spouse and a 5-yo Newfoundland dog. She lived, worked, and studied in such countries as Kosovo, Ukraine, Liberia, Albania, and the United States.

You can reach Ellie on major social media platforms.

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