#PokemonGo ? Your Thoughts! 

Ok the picture is not Pokemon. Deal with it. But who could think this silly game could be resurrected? I’m currently in a location where I cannot get it, and I’m envious to all of those who can. So tell me your thoughts on the game. 


  1. I got it about a week ago and there are both ups and downs. It’s really great to be able to run around and see all these pokemon and catch them and it’s nice that you don’t actually have to pay real money for any of it because you can pick up pokeballs, potions, and what not from the pokestops in the area. However, some of the issues I have with it is that there is no way to connect with friends, i.e. add them to a friends list, and you can’t trade pokemon. That can make it rather frustrating. However, it is fun if you have the time, but I mean LOTS of time because they functionality requires you to run around all day catching pokemon, going to pokestops, and fighting poke gyms (who are likely way overpowered and will take a lot to beat.) :/ Good things and bad things. I enjoy it, but I’m hoping for upgrades.

      1. That all depends on how they continue to improve it and IF they improve it. As it stands, I think people will lose interest in time because the functionality is so limited. Or we’ll start to see severe gaps in power between novice and advanced players and those just getting into it. A lot will change too when all the students go back to school in the fall since they make up a substantial portion of the players at the moment.

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