Write Like A Child’s Play


I found this curious video with some thoughts on the writing process. I personally don’t believe in the ‘how to’ writing tips simply because all of us are too different to develop a cookie-cutter type of a process. However, the idea of releasing an inner child and accessing the story through a play seems interesting. Once I went on a whole year-long process of making clay characters for the novel I had in mind. I haven’t tried clay before, and the process entirely consumed me. A year later, I had a fantastic collection of clay figures, a ginormous cardboard spaceship and a bunch of other custom-made crap, and only about 50K draft of questionable merit. So I can really relate to the proposed child-play writing process. However, I must caution you, don’t get carried away. At the end of  the day, the word count is what makes you move forward.

Let me know  if you have any unique writing techniques or experiences.


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